Monday, November 10, 2008

Press Packets, part deux

Here's the second part of the press release info. (I know, you've been waiting with bated breath, right?) My prior post was on how to write a press release; this post will tell you how to put together a press packet :)

Anatomy of a Press Kit

A basic press kit should include the following:

* Your Resume
* Press Release (see my previous blog post on press releases)
* Photocopies of other articles written about you
* Artist's Statement
* Brochures (optional)
* Color and Black & White photographs of your work
* Upcoming appearances list

It should come together in a pocket folder. Do not clip it all together or put it in a regular manila folder! A pocket folder will hold all the information in one neat place and also gives you a cover on which you can be as creative as you want. Make sure you have a label front and center with your business name, real name, telephone numbers, email address, fax number and any other pertinent information you have.

Your resume should be kept to one page if possible, but if more than one page is required, keep the most pertinent information up front including your most recent shows and press.

The Artist's Statement shows your personality in creating your art and will help people understand your process, your inspiration, and serves to educate the public about your work.

Photographs, good photographs, will increase your chances of getting press coverage. You should include both full color and black and white pictures and they should be the very best, crispest photographs that you have. Make sure you caption your photo on the back so in the event that it becomes separated from the rest of your press kit, it can be identified. Include your name, phone number, and short description of the item and use a label for this information. Do not write on, staple, or paper clip photos because this will make them unusable.

So, there you have it. Good luck in putting together your own press packets!