Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fresh from the Garden

Yum. Fresh picked snap peas from our garden. A quick rinse under the garden hose and the overflowing basket was minus more than a few before we went into the house! The ones that made it inside were quick blanched and then frozen for future use.
What's growing in your garden this summer? Ours has snap peas, broccoli, tomatoes, corn, squash, cucumbers, pumpkins, 3 varieties of lettuce and garlic.
The birds also have their own snacks from our giant sunflowers! I love early summer mornings when the bunnies and deer are all over the front lawn grazing. Yes, another day to be grateful for simple pleasures.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gift after the Rains

We've had so much rain here in the Northeast the last few weeks. With the humidity comes the daily thunderstorms in the afternoons! As long as I'm snug and cozy inside, I love the rain (although if it's a light rain, I do love the feeling of it on my face).
One day I happened to look out the window while firing my kilns and was treated to this beautiful rainbow.
Simple pleasures are the best.