Thursday, January 3, 2008

Welcome to the Northeast

Fun times this morning up here in North Country. The actual temperature is minus 6 degrees with a windchill of minus 20. Can you say BRRRRR?

The first picture is part of our side lawn. Lawn? Who am I kidding? The second picture is the steps coming up to our front door so I guess no one will be coming in that way any time soon. The third pic is part of our front lawn. Oh where, oh where, have my little dogs gone, oh where, oh where, can they be?

This is actually such a beautiful part of New York for most of the year when I really love it. The winters are hard, though, on both the humans and old furry ones in our house. Some years ago I had some nerve damage to my right hand due to some dog bites (never ever ever ever EVER try to mediate a dog fight), so my fingers are always like popsicles (orange,pineapple,orange,cherry,orange please) in the cold weather.

I had to drive my son to work this morning (he has some developmental disabilities so doesn't drive ....... yet) and at 6:30 a.m. the ice crystals sparkled like diamonds across the driveway. It was still dark out but I attempted to take a picture. My camera's button froze so I couldn't click it - smart camera! Those ice crystals were really incredibly beautiful though. We were plowed out (AGAIN) last evening, so the trek down our long driveway wasn't too bad. Like I said before, fun times!

There's something to be said about forced hibernation. I have 3 kilns on right now with new glass goodies for my Etsy shop. All's well in Willowglass world!

How is it in your part of the world this morning?


Lis said...

This is why I moved from the snow belt to the sunny south, despite being a damn yankee. That snow is RIDICULOUS.

LORiOLA said...

I'm with Lis!!! This is why I put up with the bible belt. yuck!!
Dee, be careful!