Thursday, September 4, 2008

I love Juice

Gotcha, didn't I? You figured I meant Apple, Orange, or Grape, right? Actually I love all of those juices, but I also love Juice Newton.

The other night we got to see Juice at the Schaghticoke Fair here in upstate New York. It's hard to believe that Juice is in her mid-50's now (and so am I!), but she is as beautiful as ever, both in appearance and vocally. We were lucky enough to nab fourth row seats which were about 20 feet from the stage.

Juice sang tunes that everyone is familiar with from about 30 years ago (ahem) such as Love's Been a Little Bit Hard on Me, The Sweetest Thing, Break it to me Gently as well as newer songs. She was in fine voice and still can hit (and hold!!!) the high notes. I love women who can really belt out a song, and this was no disappointment.

Rock on, Juice.

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Shoozles said...

I bet that was awesome Dee.