Thursday, June 11, 2009

Irises from the Garden

Perfection is when you wake up to new blooming treasures from your garden. My gardens are relatively new (we've been in our house less than 3 years) and we've been taking our time getting the gardens just right. In the last month or so, we've been making a Sunday trip to one of the local nurseries and just picking out two or three things at a time.

One of my favorite flowers is the beautiful iris and these are glorious orange (many of you know this is my favorite color!) and black with just a hint with very deep purple. These are in the front of the house in front of the lattice on the dorch (in Willow World, dorch = deck + porch, hahahaha!) I also chose a Monarda and something called Goat's Beard (hahaha) and I'll post pictures of those when they come up.

What's blooming in your garden today?


LadyK said...

Your Iris are beautiful! That black/violet one is gorgeous! I don't remember seeing one that color before, very stunning!

LadyK said...

I stopped by to let you know that you've gained a mention on my blog, Twisted Thicket Studio's - Mouse Trails. I've passed on an award to you for having a lovely blog. :)

willowglass said...

LadyK, thank you so much! I'm off to check your blog right now :)

There are so many wonderful blogs out there that I find myself making fewer trips to the library and reading online!

Katie said...

Simply beautimous! Black flowers are my favs.