Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Outside the Studio Doors

We've been in our home for over 6 years now,  and I'm finally *finally* getting around to planning for the area outside the studio doors.  I'd love to do a stamped concrete patio, but can't because the French doors to the left have pipes running underground that lead to our septic system and if we ever need access to that, I wouldn't want to break the patio up.

So I'm pondering other ideas such as a bricked patio or something else. I'd also love a pergola for part of this area as well as some beautiful seating and an outside firepit for our awesome view of the mountains.   This would be mostly an adult area to kick back after the kids have gone to bed (yeah right, the kids usually outlast all of us!!)    We're on just over 5 acres, so there is a lot of potential for fun areas and I'm currently working on a hideaway fairy garden in a lightly wooded area which is almost halfway to completion.   I'd also like an extended play area for the grandkids (4!!)  with maybe a tree house and fort (hey Chris, Keith and Danny, I need your help with this!),  planning on some really fun projects I saw in Lowe's and their own little mailbox that I'll hide notes and little treasures in. I bought some molds for stepping stones and garden borders which I'll personalize for them with glass and other wonderful things.

One potential plan I'm playing with in my mind is using the right half of the space for a stamped concrete patio (about 13 feet across by 12 feet out) and the other half for a pergola and fire pit area.   If you can visualize it, it would mean the spaces adjoining each other.    Oh, and don't forget the beer cooler.

So .... I need more ideas for this space because right now the space is bland and boring and too vanilla!!    Anyone have any ideas for this space? It's approximately 26 feet across and I'd like the patio to be no more than 12 to 14 feet long and something I can DIY.   And affordable would be oh-so-good :)    Come on, bring those plans on!    If I love, love, love your ideas and use them, $50 and $25 gift certificates to my Etsy shop http://willowglass.etsy.com could be yours :)

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